Andrew Lim

Associate Professor
Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
University of California
, CA 94720

Room: 4177 Etcheverry Hall

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Warning: There are many Andrew Lim's.

This is me, but this is not.

To confuse things a little, we have published in (some of) the same journals, lived in the same countries, belong (or have belonged) to departments with "Industrial Engineering" in their titles, and (I believe) both have Singaporean wives. Many have confused us (even my friends).

A rough heuristic: papers with "logistics", "supply chain", or something combinatorial in the title are probably his, and those with "financial", "stochastic", "control", or "portfolio" are probably mine. The papers on "berth planning" are not mine.

We are breeding like rabbits over here.


Spring 2009
Applied Stochastic Processes II. (IEOR263B)

Operations Research II (IEOR161)
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Office Hours: Tuesday 3:30pm -- 4:30pm

Research interests

Stochastic models, optimization and control, robust decision making and learning, decentralized control of stochastic systems, financial applications and operations research.

Some of my recent publications.

.. and for many many many papers I did not write, you can take a look here.


National Science Foundation (CMMI-1201085)
Objective Operational Learning and Applicatons (joint J.G. Shanthikumar)
March 2012-February 2015.

National Science Foundation (CMMI-1031637)
Coordinating Multiple Decision Makers in a Service Environment (joint with Z.J. (Max) Shen and J.G. Shanthikumar)
October 2010-September 2013.

National Science Foundation (DMI-0500503)
Stochastic Optimization with Model Uncertainty and Learning (joint with J.G. Shanthikumar)
September 1 2005 -- August 31 2010.

National Science Foundation (DMI-0348746)
CAREER: Stochastic Control Problems in Financial Engineering
February 1 2004 -- January 31 2012.


Associate Editor, Operations Research (2009-).
Associate Editor, Journal of Flexible Services and Manufacturing (2007-).
Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (2005-2008).

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Web of Science (WOS).
Have you heard about the h-index of an author? Check out the description in Nature and also the PNAS article by Hirsch. WOS can compute your h-index (or anyone elses if you're nosey ;-)) - just search under Author in Web of Science and click Create Citation Report.

While it is not really fair to compare "cross culturally", it is fun all the same. On December 31 (2006), the journal Operations Research had an h-index of 111 while Management Science had an h-index of 125. According to the Nature article, the physicist Edward Whitten, back in 2005, had an h-index of 110 (look here for their list of h-index superstars).

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