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Dorit S. Hochbaum and Xu Rao. The Replenishment Schedule to Minimize Peak Storage Problem: The gap between the continuous and discrete versions of the problem. Operations Research, to appear, 2019.

Dorit S. Hochbaum. Machine Learning and Data Mining with Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms. In Tutorials in Operations Research, pages 109-129. INFORMS, 2018. Available online.

Dorit S. Hochbaum. Algorithms and complexity of range clustering Networks, Sep 2018. On arxiv, May 2018

Dorit S. Hochbaum. Complexity and approximations for submodular minimization problems on two variables per inequality constraints. Discrete Applied Mathematics 250 (2018) Pages 252-261. Online version

Philip Baumann, Dorit S. Hochbaum and Yan T. Yang. A comparative study of the leading machine learning techniques and two new optimization algorithms. European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 272, Issue 3, 1 February 2019, Pages 1041-1057. Online version

Minjun Chang, Dorit S. Hochbaum, Quico Spaen and Mark Velednitsky. DISPATCH: An Optimal Algorithm for Online Perfect Bipartite Matching with i.i.d. Arrivals. WAOA 2018 (Helsinki)

Rebecca Sarto Basso, Dorit S. Hochbaum and Fabio Vandin. Efficient algorithms to discover alterations with complementary functional association in cancer. RECOMB, 2018, arXiv:1803.09721 [q-bio.QM]

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Sheng Liu. Adjacency-Clustering and its Application for Yield Prediction in Integrated Circuit Manufacturing. Operations Research, Published online in Articles in Advance 28 Sep 2018

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Asaf Levin. Weighted matching with pair restrictions. Optimization Letters, May 2018, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp 649-659.

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Cheng Lu. A faster algorithm solving a generalization of isotonic median regression and a class of fused lasso problems. SIAM J. Optimization, 27(4), 2563-2596, 2017.

P. Baumann, D. S. Hochbaum and Q. Spaen. High-Performance Geometric Algorithms for Sparse Computation in Big Data Analytics. 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. Boston Ma, Dec 2017.

Dorit S. Hochbaum. Submodular problems - approximations and algorithms. arXiv:1010.1945v2, Apr 2017.

Quico Spaen, Dorit S. Hochbaum, Roberto Asin. HNCcorr: A Novel Combinatorial Approach for Cell Identification in Calcium-Imaging Movies. arXiv:1703.01999 [q-bio.QM] March 2017.

D. S. Hochbaum. A Min cost flow on unit capacity networks and convex cost K-flow are as easy as the assignment problem with All-Min-Cuts algorithm. arXiv:1610.04012 [cs.DS], Oct 2016.

D.S. Hochbaum and P. Baumann. Sparse Computation for Large-Scale Data Mining. IEEE Transactions on Big Data, Vol 2, Issue 2, 151-174, 2016.

Dorit S. Hochbaum. A polynomial time repeated cuts algorithm for the time cost tradeoff problem: The linear and convex crashing cost deadline problem. Computers & Industrial Engineering, Vol. 95, Pages 64-71, May 2016.

P. Baumann, D. S. Hochbaum and Q. Spaen. Sparse-Reduced Computation: Enabling Mining of Massively-Large Data Sets. In M. De Marsico,G. Sanniti di Baja, and A. Fred, eds., Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, 224-231, Rome, 2016.

P. Baumann, R.J. Cooper, D.S. Hochbaum, N. Patel and K. Shalia. Efficient deployment of mobile detectors for security applications. In: Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. Singapore, 2015.

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Michael Wagner. Range Contracts: Risk Sharing and Beyond. European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 243(3), 16 June 2015, pp. 956-963.

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Michael Wagner. Production Cost Functions and Demand Uncertainty Effects in Price-Only Contracts. IIE Transactions, (2015) Vol. 47, 190-202. Appeared online Nov 2014.

D.S. Hochbaum and P. Baumann. Sparse computation for large-scale data mining. In: 2014 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. Washington DC, Oct, 2014, pp. 354-363.

Dorit S. Hochbaum, Cheng Lyu, Fernando Ordonez. Security Routing Games with Multi-vehicle Chinese Postman Problem. Vol. 64 Issue 3, 181-191, Networks, Oct 2014.

Yan Yang, Barak Fishbain, Dorit S. Hochbaum, Eric Norman, Erik Swanberg. The Supervised Normalized Cut Method for Detecting, Classifying and Identifying Special Nuclear Materials. INFORMS J Computing, Vol .26 Issue 1, Winter 2014, pp. 45-58.

Barak Fishbain, Dorit Hochbaum and Stefan Mueller. A Competitive Study of the Pseudoflow algorithm for the Minimum s-t Cut problem in Vision applications. Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, March 2016, Vol. 11, Issue 3, pp 589-609. (Online April 2013.) DOI 10.1007/s11554-013-0344-3.

Barak Fishbain, Dorit Hochbaum, and Yan Yang. A new approach for real-time target tracking in videos. SPIE Newsroom, DOI: 10.1117/2.1201301.004648, Jan 2013.

Dorit S. Hochbaum, Cheng Lu, Erik Bertelli. "Evaluating Performance of Image Segmentation Criteria and Techniques". EURO Journal on Computational Optimization, Vol 1:1-2, May 2013, pp. 155-180.

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Asaf Levin. A minimization variant of the order preserving submatrices problem". ACM Transactions on Algorithms, 9 (2): 1-12, 2013

Dorit S. Hochbaum. Multi-label Markov Random Fields as an Efficient and Effective Tool for Image Segmentation, Total Variations and Regularization. Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 169--198 Feb 2013, doi: 10.4208/nmtma.2013.mssvm09

Dorit S. Hochbaum. A polynomial time algorithm for Rayleigh ratio on discrete variables: Replacing spectral techniques for expander ratio, normalized cut and Cheeger constant. Operations Research , Vol. 61, No. 1, January-February 2013, pp. 184-198.

Dorit S. Hochbaum and James B. Orlin. Simplifications and speedups of the Pseudoflow algorithm. Networks Volume 61, Issue 1, pp. 40-57, January 2013.

Dorit S. Hochbaum, Chun-Nan Hsu, Yan T. Yang. Ranking of Multidimensional Drug Profiling Data by Fractional Adjusted Bi-Partitional Scores. Bioinformatics (2012) 28 (12): 106-114.

Marjan Baghaie, D.S. Hochbaum, B. Krishnamachari. On Hardness of Multiflow Transmission in Delay Constrained Cooperative Wireless Networks. IEEE GLOBECOM 2011 54th annual conference. Houston, Texas, Dec 2011.

Dorit S. Hochbaum, Joe Qranfal and Germain Tanoh. Experimental Analysis of the MRF Algorithm for Segmentation of Noisy Medical Images Algorithmic Operations Research, Vol.6 (2011) 79-90.

Dorit S. Hochbaum. An efficient and effective tool for image segmentation, total variations and regularization. In Third International Conference on Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision (SSVM 2011) A.M. Bruckstein et al. (Eds.): SSVM 2011, LNCS 6667, pp. 338--349. Springer, Heidelberg (2011)

Bala G. Chandran and Dorit S. Hochbaum. Practical and theoretical improvements for bipartite matching using the pseudoflow algorithm. arXiv:1105.1569v1 May 2011.

Dorit S. Hochbaum Erick Moreno-Centeno, Phillip Yelland and Rodolfo A. Catena. Rating customers according to their promptness to adopt new products. Operations Research, 2011;59 1171-1183 Journal online

Ilan Adler and Dorit S. Hochbaum. Benchmark Problems for Totally Unimodular Set System Auction. arXiv:1102.3499 Feb 2011.

Dorit S. Hochbaum. The separation, and separation-deviation methodology for group decision making and aggregate ranking. J. J. Hasenbein, ed. TutORials in Operations Research, Vol. 7. INFORMS, Hanover, MD, pp. 116-141, 2010.

Dynamic stand-off 3d gamma-ray imaging. (With Mihailescu, L., B. Fishbain, J. Maltz, C.J. Moore, J. Rohel, L. Supic, K. Vetter.) In 12th Symposium on Radiation Measurements and Applications (SORMA) 106, 2010.

Barak Fishbain, Dorit S. Hochbaum, Stefan Mueller. Competitive Analysis of Minimum-Cut Maximum Flow Algorithms in Vision Problems. arXiv:1007.4531 Oct 2010.

Dorit S. Hochbaum. Replacing spectral techniques for expander ratio and normalized cut by combinatorial flow algorithms. arXiv:1010.4535v1 [math.OC]

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Barak Fishbain. Nuclear Threat Detection with Mobile Distributed Sensor Networks. Annals of Operations Research 187:1, 45-63, 2011. online version

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Asaf Levin. Covering the edges of bipartite graphs using K_{2,2} graphs Theoretical Computer Science , 411, 1-9, 2010

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Asaf Levin. How to allocate review tasks for robust ranking. Acta Informatica Volume 47, Issue 5 (2010), Page 325-345. online version

Tingting Cui and Dorit S. Hochbaum. Complexity of Some Inverse Shortest Path Lengths Problems. Networks Volume 56, Issue 1, August 2010, Pages: 20-29.

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Vikas Singh. An efficient algorithm for co-segmentation. ICCV Oct 2009 , Kyoto, Japan, the 12th IEEE Conference on Computer Vision.

Dorit S. Hochbaum. Polynomial time algorithms for ratio regions and a variant of normalized cut. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 32 (5), 889-898, May 2010.

Dorit S. Hochbaum. An Efficient and Effective Image Segmentation Interactive Tool. Proceedings of BIOSIGNALS 2009. 2nd International conference on bio-inspired systems and signal processing. Porto Portugal, 459-461. INSTICC Press.

Dorit S. Hochbaum. The multi-sensor nuclear threat detection problem. In Operations Research and Cyber-Infrastructure, Proceedings of the Eleventh INFORMS Computing Society (ICS) Conference J. Chinneck, B. Kristjansson and M. Saltzman eds. OR/CS Interfaces, pp. 389-399, Springer, 2009.

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Erick Moreno-Centeno. Country credit-risk rating aggregation via the separation-deviation model Optimization Methods and Software. 23:5, 741-762, (Oct) 2008.

Dorit S. Hochbaum. Polynomial time algorithms for bi-criteria, multi-objective and ratio problems in clustering and imaging: Part I: Normalized cut and ratio regions. arXiv:0803.0146v1

Bala Chandran and Dorit S. Hochbaum. A Computational Study of the Pseudoflow and Push-relabel Algorithms for the Maximum Flow Problem. Operations Research Vol. 57, No. 2, March-April 2009, pp. 358-376.

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Asaf Levin. The multi-integer set cover and the facility terminal cover problem. Networks, 53:1, pp. 63 - 66, 2009.

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Dorit S. Hochbaum. "The Inequality-Satisfiability problem." (with Erick Moreno). Operations Research Letters 36 (2008) 229-233. Available from journal, here

Dorit S. Hochbaum. "Dynamic evolution of economically preferred facilities." European J. of Operational Research. 193 (2009) 649-659.

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