FixtureNet: Complete Story

Design Modular Fixtures on the Internet


The Complete Story

  • The Algorithm (1994)
    Present an implemented algorithm that accepts a polygonal description of the part silhouette, and efficiently constructs the set of all feasible fixture designs that kinematically constrain the part in the plane.

  • Background (1996)
    Describe a feasibility study about exchanging of geometric data with industry and research groups, such as to encourage verification of algorithms, through the World Wide Web (WWW).

  • ASME Paper (1997) - ps version
    Address types of variation in the context of modular fixtures and present an efficient algorithm to find multi-purpose fixtures by using the geometric hashing techniques.

  • Enhanced Interface (1997)
    Introduce FixtureNetIII that use a Java Applet to draw a 2D part and several optional stay-out zones, and then generates a complete set of modular fixtures for the part.

  • Documentation
    The FixtureNet applet is fully documented, with a class diagram and class descriptions. The applet classes are divided into a class for the graphical user interface (GUI), and a class for the synthesis engine. The synthesis engine may be called from other Java programs. The compiled classes occupy less than 50 kilobytes, so the applet takes less time to download than many of the images commonly published on Web home pages. Source code for this applet may be made available for academic research and educational purposes only.

  • 3D Fixture Images
    Show 3D fixture images that were rendered using AutoCAD.

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