FixtureNet: Introduction

Design Modular Fixtures on the Internet


FixtureNet demonstrates an interface in the context of modular fixturing. In automated manufacturing, parts undergoing fabrication or assembly operations are often held or supported in fixtures. Fixtures can either be custom designed or assembled from modular fixturing kits. Modular fixtures are amenable to automated design, particularly if the number of modular elemental types is small. Such is the case with the three-locator-and-clamp planar modular fixturing set. As a feasibility study, we implemented an interactive WWW interface to an algorithm for modular fixture design. Below is an example.



The L-shaped bracket, three circular fixture elements (fixels) and a sliding clamp are shown at the left. FixtureNet computes an arrangement of these parts (a fixture), shown in the center. We then constructed the fixture, shown at the right.

To try out the algorithm with parts of your own design.
You need to have Java to use the applet.

If you have a low-resolution screen, you may need to scroll to view the entire FixtureNet java window.

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