Team Consulting Projects

IEOR 140: Industrial Production Methods
Spring 1998
Professor: Ken Goldberg
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) Dept
University of California at Berkeley

1. Flour Delivery Methods for Diamond Team Noodle Company

2. Facility Layout Analysis for Berkeley Farms Ice Cream Plant

3. Automation of Molding and Decorating for San Francisco Chocolate Co

4. Statistical Analysis of Cocoa Bean Weights for WW Chocolate Co.

5. Simulation and Cycle Time Analysis for Hauser Window Shade Company

6. Analysis of Meter Refurbishing Process for PG&E

7. Optimal Choice of Stereolithography Build Orientation for Plyanetics, Inc.

8. Scheduling of Grinding and Polishing Pads for Komag Magnetic Disk Co.

9. Analysis of Automated Packaging Machine for Proctor & Gamble

10. Efficiency Analysis of Rod Breakdown Machines for the Saudi Cable Co.

11. Workstation Assembly Sequence Design for a Network Computer Company

12. Automated Packaging Analysis for Pharmaceutical Products

13. Bottle Conveyor Failure Analysis for Pyramid Brewing Co.

14. Waste Wax Analysis for J and S Candles

15. Solar Wafer Load Time Analysis for SunPower, Inc.

16. Mail-Order Processing Analysis for Peet's Coffee Co.

17. Torque Data Analysis for GM-Toyota NUMMI Auto Plant

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