IEOR 140: Industrial Production Methods

Spring 1998
Professor: Ken Goldberg
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) Dept
University of California at Berkeley
Lectures: MW 11-12, 3109 Etcheverry. Lab: F 1-3, 1174 Etcheverry.

This course is designed to give upper-division IEOR students an introduction to modern manufacturing and assembly systems. We focus on robotics, motion planning, part feeding, and fixturing. Labs focus on software design and visualization tools. The only prerequisite is senior standing in the College of Engineering or permission of instructor. Team Consulting Projects involve an in-depth study of one local production facility, a specific problem, and a comparison of solutions.

IEOR 140 focuses on the technologies and practices used in the industrial production of products. We emphasize methods for automated production, including an introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems and the issues involved in volume production of the resulting designs. We then move to the theory of robotics, specifically kinematics, path planning, and design of workcells for industrial assembly, including methods for fixturing, feeding, sorting, and assembling parts. We also introduce the basics of semiconductor manufacturing. Homeworks and labs involve the PC Lab and the WWW.


Team Consulting Projects

The online Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

C-space Robot Demo


Final Exam Topics

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