Syllabus and Course Schedule

Fall 2016

Lecture and Labs

Lecture: MW 11am-12pm, 3106 Etcheverry Hall.
Lab: TBA

Course Schedule

Week DateTopicDue
0 W 24-Aug Lec: Introduction, entrance Exam
F 26-Aug Lab 0: Set up Microsoft Access
1 M 29-Aug Lec: ER Modelling DP Individual Project Report+Team Requests
W 31-Aug Lec: EER Models DF Team Assignments Announced in Class
2-Sep Lab 1: Intro to Microsoft Access (MSA)
2 M 5-Sep (Academic Holiday)
W 7-Sep Lec: Formal Logic HW 1: ER Model, DP: Team DP Proposal
F 9-Sep Lab 2: MSA Tables Lab Quiz 1
3 12-Sep Lec: Contd.
14-Sep Lec: Contd. HW 2:EER
F 16-Sep DP Review 1 (12pm-2pm) Lab Quiz 2
4 M 19-Sep Lec: Relational Model
W 21-Sep Lec: Contd. HW 3: Logic
F 23-Sep Lab 3: MSA Relationships
5 M 26-Sep Lec: EER to Relational Design Conversion DP Revised Team Design Project EER Diagrams
W 28-Sep Lec: Contd.
F 30-Sep Lab 4: MSA Forms and Reports Lab Quiz 3
6 M 3-Oct Lec: Relational Algebra and Queries HW 4: Conversion
W 5-Oct Lec: Contd.
W 7-Oct Lab 5: MSA Forms Plus
7 M 10-Oct Lec:Contd.
W 12-Oct Lec: Contd.
F 14-Oct DP Review 2 (12pm-2pm) Lab Quiz 4
8 M 17-Oct Lec: Structured Query Language HW 5: Relational Algebra
W 19-Oct Lec: Contd.
F 21-Oct Lab Extra:SQL+SQLite
9 M 24-Oct Lec: SQL
W 26-Oct Lec: Functional Dependency HW 6: SQL Queries
F 28-Oct Lab 6: MSA Queries-SQL Lab Quiz 5
10 M 31-Oct Lec: Mid-Term Review
W 2-Nov Mid-Term (in class)
F 4-Nov No Lab
11 M 7-Nov Midterm Review
W 9-Nov Lec:Functional Dependencies
F 11-Nov No Lab (Holiday)
12 M 14-Nov Lec: Contd. Due in class: DP Review 3 - Written
W 16-Nov Lec: Normalization
F 18-Nov Lab 7: Macros-Modules-Internet
13 M 21-Nov Lec: Normalization HW 7: Functional Dependencies
W 23-Nov (Thanksgiving)
F 25-Nov No Lab (Thanksgiving)
14 M 28-Nov Lec: Query Optimization
W 30-Nov Lec: Distributed Databases
F 2-Dec DP Final Presentations (12pm-2pm) HW 8: Normalization
15 M 5-Dec Review Day
W 7-Dec Final Exam Review
16 12-Dec Final Exam (11:30-2:30pm)