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Welcome to FixtureNet tryout applet! Make sure that you have Java ready to use this application


In the grid below, use the mouse to draw the outline of a polygon. Move the mouse to the location of a vertex and click the mouse button. Move on to the next vertex location. Each mouse click defines a new vertex. To erase the last vertex, type backspace, delete, or control-D. When you are done, you do not need to click on the first vertex. The application will automatically close the polygon for you when you submit the part.

Please note: you must draw out the verticies in counter-clockwise order. Furthermore, no edges of the polygon may cross any other edges of the polygon.

When you have entered the part, click on the Submit button to submit the part to the fixturing engine. Status messages will be displayed in the message box at the bottom of the screen. There will also be an animated bar sweeping back and forth below the buttons.

When the fixturing is done, the first fixture will be displayed. You can move to the next or previous fixtures by clicking on the Next Solution or Prev Soultion buttons.

To display the reaction force, click the mouse within the part and hold the mouse button down. Drag the mouse in the direction of the force you wish to simulate. The further you drag from the initial click, the greater the magnitude of the force will be. You should notice the force lines extending out from two or three of the fixture elements. These are the reaction forces.

To clear the display and begin to enter a new part, click on the Reset button.

Tips for using Applet application:

  • Enter vertices in counter-clockwise order.
  • Do not cross edges.
  • Click on "submit" to close your polygon.

The FixtureNet applet is loaded with the following parameters:

  • QualityMetric = 1 (0 for sort on part quality, 1 for configuration angle)
  • ClampFilter = 1 (0 for no filter, 1 for filter for clamp interference)
  • RespectVertices = 0 (0 for no margin for fixels near vertices, 1 for a fixel radius of margin)
  • ClampType = 1 (0 for circle, 1 for bullet shaped clamp)
  • SortType = 1 (0 for QuickSort, 1 for StudSort)

Fixture2D Applet

You need a Java-enabled browser to see the applet.

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