Jon Burgstone

Founding CET Chair
Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology

Harvard Business School

MS Engineering
University of Michigan

BS Engineering
University of Illinois

4117 Etcheverry Hall

Jon Burgstone currently works as a professional investor and professor. Burgstone serves as Managing Director of Symbol Capital, a private investment partnership, and is also appointed as Adjunct Professor of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Before Symbol Capital, Burgstone was Founding Faculty Chair at the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at the University of California Berkeley's College of Engineering.

Earlier in his career, Burgstone was CEO and co-founder of SupplierMarket, an internet software company serving global enterprises. SupplierMarket was acquired for $1.1B in the late summer of 2000 by Ariba, Inc. and the product is now named Ariba Sourcing. Previously, Burgstone was a high-tech strategy consultant (semiconductor, online financial services and telecom), and he began his career at Ford Motor Co.

Burgstone was born and raised in suburban Chicago, Illinois. He studied engineering at the University of Illinois, and conducted research for a NASA/NSF investigation into human cognition.

Burgstone earned a BS in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, an MS in Engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Burgstone received a Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Illinois. He serves as a Trustee of the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive, on the President's Council of the United Religions Initiative, on the Board of Visitors at the University of Illinois College of Engineering, and as an Advisor to the Rock Center for Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School.

Classes Fall 2007

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  • IEOR 191, Technology Entrepreneurship
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  • IEOR 191, Technology Entrepreneurship
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  • IEOR 191, Technology Entrepreneurship
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  • IEOR 191, Technology Entrepreneurship
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  • IEOR 191, Technology Entrepreneurship